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As a Contact Centre professional, whether as a Manager, Team Leader or CSR, we often think how different our roles are. Different can mean exciting, rewarding, challenging, frustrating and many other strong descriptions. As with anything in life, sharing these emotions is hugely beneficial. Whether it is to share the wins and give someone else hope or ideas, or share the downs and have someone give you the hope and ideas, sharing is good. Sharing and support is a lot of what CCNNZ is about and we encourage you to join us so that you can add to the wealth of knowledge within this organisation and benefit from it!

Through attending industry events you

  • Keep up with industry trends and changes
  • Network with industry peers and gain contacts who can offer assistance and pointers. Being able to ask peers “how do you...” can encourage new ways of looking at problems and help you avoid common pitfalls
  • Reinforce the brand of your organisation
  • Gather information on who is moving; find staffing that may become available
  • Assist others with issues they are facing by sharing ideas and knowledge


See our Membership Brochure here. See here for details on LearningPlanet Lite

Note: Please select "PAY BY INVOICE" if joining outside of the membership year (1 July - 30 June) and we will invoice you pro-rata.

Registration options:

Agent Membership (incl GST)
( For CSRs/Agents only ) $ 57.50
Individual Membership (incl GST)
( Contact Centre Managers, Team Leaders, WFP, Trainers or Vendors ) $ 230.00
Corporate Membership (incl GST)
( For 5 named individuals ) $ 862.50
Platinum Corporate Membership (incl GST)
( Unlimited staff ) $ 1,725.00
Supplier/Partner Membership (incl GST)
( For Contact Centre suppliers only ) $ 1,725.00
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